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The Law of Attraction: Creating a Vision Board

Have you been hearing all about The Secret or “The Law of Attraction” lately?  I definitely have.  The idea, in tiniest of nutshells, is that what you think affects what you get in life.  I can buy into that to a pretty large degree, although it does get a lot more metaphysical.  I slogged through Whitehead in college, and I can tell you that “metaphysical” gets a little . . . um . . . “confusing” to me.  So, let’s just focus on this idea of “what you think affects what you get in life” and see what that can mean to us.


I’ve mentioned before that I used to work at a hypnosis center.  The hypnotists were always really careful with their words and encouraged us to do the same.  I say “encouraged” because I’m being nice, but sometimes “(lovingly) badgered” might be more fitting!  If I jokingly said, “Ugh, I am so stupid—I can’t believe I forgot to take care of that,” I could expect at least one hypnotist to encourage me to quickly go back and amend my statement so that I wasn’t convincing myself that I really was stupid.  According to these folks, the brain doesn’t know whether you’re joking or not, it just knows that you said you were stupid.  And, gee, if your brain is the smartest part of you, and it just said you were stupid, then it must be right.


Like many things in life, I wasn’t really sure if this was a bunch of hoopla or not, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it could hurt, right?  That’s sort of my litmus test for a lot of stuff: Does it hurt me at all to try it out?  If not, then does it have the potential to help?  If there’s potential without much payment, then I figure, why not?


That’s sort of how I ended up at today’s suggestion.  I’m new to this whole “Law of Attraction” thing.  I’m not entirely sure what I think about it, although it certainly seems like a very nice idea.  It doesn’t cost me anything to redirect my thinking a little bit, and there is potential that it can make my life better.  While it may or may not lead to me “attracting” love, fulfillment and money; it will most definitely put me in a better mood.


One of the things that proponents of The Secret or The Law of Attraction talk about a lot is creating a “vision board.”  We’ve looked before at how powerful it can be to actually write down your goals, and a vision board is sort of a visual representation of these goals.  The more clearly you can imagine what you want, the more likely you are to pursue it!  This is a matter of making a poster full of images and words that symbolize what you want in life.  I found a great post in Christine Kane’s blog called “How to Make a Vision Board.”  She says:


“A vision board (also called a Treasure Map or a Visual Explorer or Creativity Collage) is typically a poster board on which you paste or collage images that you’ve torn out from various magazines. It’s simple.

The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires.”

I created my own vision board about a month ago, and I had a ton of fun doing it.  Rather than cutting pictures out of magazines, however, I did a Google Image Search on various topics and printed out pictures that felt like they were in line with my intentions.  For example, Darling Husband Rob and I want to start a family pretty soon, so I did a search for images related to “pregnancy.”

Being the craft maven that I am, I then used my scrapbooking supplies to mat and frame things I had cut out.  I also made titles for various sections with the phrase “I Deserve _____________” and laid them all out on a big tri-fold board that I recycled from an old project.  I had some fun with stickers, too.  You really don’t need to be quite that A-Type personality about the whole thing, though.  It can be as simple as using some markers to draw a picture of what you want in life.  It’s just something I did for fun.  Below are some of the images that ended up on my vision board:




Here are some other great examples of vision boards people have made:


  • This vision board has a ton of stuff on it and is really pretty.
  • This person created a vision board that is mostly text.
  • Here’s an example of how someone used a bulletin board to create his vision board.
  • This is a great example of a vision board that utilizes both words and pictures.


This is such a positive way to spend a couple of hours.  Once you’ve completed your vision board, put it somewhere that will allow you to see it often.  I’ve heard of making it the screen saver on your computer, for example.  Mine just lives in the living room.  Looking at it reinforces that these are the things you want in life.  Of course, major life changes aren’t as simple as making a collage, but it can be a good starting point.  Focusing on what you desire helps you to take the steps to attain it.  Making choices that lead to a satisfying, fulfilling life is definitely Something Good!


What a lovely idea! I wish you lots of luck in making your visions a reality :)



heyy cutie
I used a vision board (though it was kinda more like a vision spot where things related to it went) for conceiving, and it worked like a charm! :D
Didn't you sort of paint a "vision board" on your tummy?
Ayup! And then I put a bunch of things on my altar that were my Chosen Family's images for babies :)


My VIsion Board

Thanks for tagging my vision board! Mine is the fourth one you mention - what a hoot to make, and even more fun to watch come true! I'm creating an event called the Summit for Bigger Small Talk which has a lot to do with several areas of the board, but which is shaping up to be even bigger than I could have imagined! There's one section on my board that says "This Stuff Works!" and it's true! Come visit my blog (http://youalreadyknowthisstuff.blogspot.com) to find out more about the Summit this June!

Re: My VIsion Board

I'm glad it's working for you. Good luck with your Summit.


Re: My VIsion Board

I just bought a posterboard yesterday and I'm excited. Vison board making is cool to do but if you really wish to add to your family, then pray. Remember God is your source and the vision board is a tool to help you strive closer to your dreams...but I'm sure you already knew that. I wish you blessings and success.

Vision Board

Thanks for the link to my site (http://www.sethigherstandards.com).

I recently did a vision board that is more visual (http://www.sethigherstandards.com/creating-a-vision-board/) to compliment my more text-based one (http://www.sethigherstandards.com/vision-board/)

Since you have finished your vision board, have you noticed any profound changes occuring in your life?

Re: Vision Board

I don't know that I've noticed any profound changes as a result of the vision board, but I do spend more time focusing on what I want and a lot less focusing on what I don't want. I think that's a pretty good change!

Re: Vision Board

That's cool. Let us know how it goes over the next few months!

Re: Vision Board

Does vision board work? My answer to that is a resounding yes. For anyone who hasn't seen any visible result yet I can only encourage you to keep at it. Practice as they say makes perfect. I've been creating vision boards and it works for me every time. If you're still struggling with it you can pick up this free report:


I'm sure you'll find it very useful.


Re: Vision Board

I also found the vision board mentioned in the Law of Attraction useful.

Recently, I came read across a very good report titled "Attraction Acceleration Report" in which Bob Procter expounded more thought-provoking revelations on the Law of Attraction. This latest exclusive report is free for download at the following link:


I think you will like it.



What an idea!

What a lovely idea you have there.

Visualization is a way of feeding your desires with positive vibration, and the Law of Attraction (http://freelawofattraction.com/) will respond to this positively.


My vision board experience has been fantastic. Ever since I read the free report by Bob Proctor I've been getting so much success with my daily routine of focusing on my vision board. The results have been mind blowing. Pick a copy of your own free report here. You won't be disappointed:


Good Post on Vision Board

This is by far one of the good post I ever seen on the visualization and the Vision Board. You have compiled nice resources. I even liked the external links that you provided and all those examples. Beautiful ...

Thanks for sharing.



vision board

this look great


The Secret

The Secret movie was an awesome example of how the law of attraction can summon the universal powers to manifest people situations and material things into your life.

All of the presenters had compelling stories that described in detail how their lives changed once they applied the secret principals.

I watched the movie several times only to discover the secret was never revealed nor did they explain how to actually make the law of attraction work in your favor.

I searched for a year and finally discovered exactly how the secret law of attraction works.

Anybody can put the principals to work for them and change their life dramatically in a short period of time.

It’s true, they are laws and they work all the time but its your choice to make them work for you and not against you. (http://vinbo.com)


Re: The Secret

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Re: The Secret

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Re: The Secret

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Vision Board

As much as I like positive thinking, self help topics I can't seem to get them going. I once heard you could tell someone's age based on if they liked self help tapes, etc.

Well at 62 I remember those days back in my 20's but I think it's coming full circle. Recently in an arthritis study, one of the gals gave me The Law of Attraction on tape and it's very good. While I was listening to it, I was doing good and then got busy and didn't finish it.

I did take time to make a vision board before going to Fla in the fall as I always gain weight. While I didn't study it daily I guess it helped a bit as I didn't gain as much weight as I normally do.

Maybe my vision board should have been less graffiti like, less pictures and straight, clean. Maybe I have too much going on with my board. Thinking of making a new one, smaller, less photos, but more specific.

Goals are: feel better, look better, lose weight, enjoy life more. Still at least 50 lbs. over weight, it's affecting my new diabetes, knees, and now my neck is suffering.

I love crafting and guess I thought my board would be more interesting with lots of stuff.

Open for any suggestions as to how to turn my life around. Retired person who spends way too much time on the computer, crafting, tv watching. Help..... Joan Lowder
www.jloscreativecorner.blogspot.com to see my board.


It must have worked!

I was curious to see if any of your vision board ideas worked.

Looks like they did! Your 2009 posts you are talking about your 22 month old! Congratulations, you did deserve to be a mom!

So I believe. I am in the process of starting my vision board.


Re: It must have worked!

No It did not work. I put several together and none worked. So I trashed them. Good luck with yours.


heya everyone I am newbie here

heya all I am new here

I recently found this forum from researching several keywords for my school project. I simply wanted to say hi to everyone. Thanks!


Re: heya everyone I am newbie here

Well let me say this I never believed in this stuff and to be honest still don't but what blows my mind is my vision board was stuff you could not accomplish unless you get lucky. Well it turns out a couple years later "today" officially 9 of the 12 things happend. Id say those odds are amazing since it is not about camping, vacation etc and more about meeting people or coming up with a business idea that gains millions from investors and sold for over $100 million 1 year later. Of course my share was only about 5% the goal of selling a company for atleast $50 million was on there.

Dont know how or why this works but im a believer in vision boards now and perhaps I should open my mind to similar things after the amazing successes ive had now.

Completely stunning, never thought it would happen to me. I could go on and on about this.

It is amazing!

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