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First Day, First Lesson Learned

So, yesterday I said that we didn't do much to prepare for the spend-free month, aside from some lunch-y stuff for school and a perplexing amount of broccoli.  It turns out that I probably should have also thought through my promise to take the girls to the Dollar Store on Sunday.  I told them last week that I would take them to pick out something with the money they earned last week, completely forgetting that Sunday was the first day of February and our spending fast.


Here's the deal:  I don't break promises to my kids.  It's kind of a thing with me.

Like I said:  Uh-Oh.

So, we all talked about it and decided a compromise was in order.  Well, the 6-year-old did.  The 3-year-old is going along with it despite her preference for immediate gratification.  The deal is that they can continue to earn money throughout this month, and we will see how much they save up and will put it to use AFTER our spend-free month is over.  This actually works out great, as I'm still able to keep my word to the girls while also allowing them to experience what it's like to save up for something.  Yay!

As for Rob and me, we managed to hang in there pretty well on our first day.  We've each discovered something we wish we would have bought before this adventure began.  (Mod Podge for me, razor blades for him), but so far, so good!


Is it cheating if I send you some Mod Podge? :D Cause, I certainly could if things get dire in craft-land for you.