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Saving the Planet One Lunch Break at a Time

I was planning to wait until a little closer to New Year’s Eve to do a bit of a retrospective on Something Good, but one of the blogs I really enjoy is holding a contest, and I wanted this post to be included. I’ve been having a great time checking out the entries to ProBlogger’s Group Writing Project, and have found a couple of blogs that will undoubtedly be linked here at Something Good.  

The goal for this blog has been to encourage myself and others to do Something Good every day. In the process, we’ve been able to increase personal productivity, save a little money and be more sensitive to the needs of the world around us.  I was planning to do a little write-up on some of my favorite posts so far, but I realized that I already kind of put my heart into writing about them the first time!  

So, here is a list of some of my favorite ideas that we've tried out in 2006:

1.  While I outed myself as being a less-than-perfect housekeeper, it was worth it because we discovered that vinegar really does make a decent replacement for chemical cleansers.  

2.  We discovered ways to donate to great organizations without actually taking any money out of our own pockets.

3.  We shopped locally and used our holiday dollars to support individual artists and good causes.

4.  We found free, cheap and easy ways to reduce the resources we use on a daily basis.

5.  We discovered some great ways to set goals, increase our knowledge base and just generally get stuff done!

In doing a bit of a review of the blog, I'm excited to find that it's really hard for me to pick the topics that seem the "best."  That is a pretty amazing feeling.  It seems to me that we have really been able to send a lot of positivity out into the world over the last few months.  I'm very proud of that.  Thanks so much to those who have joined in the adventure, and welcome to anyone visiting for the first time.

Me after visiting the farmer's market in response to the first post here at Something Good:

Please, stroke my ego and comment about what has been your favorite Something Good post of 2006.  Which suggestions did you try?  Which ones are you planning to try?  Did any of them make an impact on you or someone around you?  As part of the retrospective, I'd love to know if you were encouraged to do Something Good because of this blog.

If you have any questions or comment, feel free to email me at lornadoone@letsdosomethinggood.com, or use the contact form on http://letsdosomethinggood.com.



Something Good

I came to Something Good through the Group Writing Project and I'm glad that I found it. Consider yourself bookmarked.

As a gardener I try to do Something Good by making compost from my garbage, not using chemical fertilizers or pesticides and definitely getting my food from a local resource, my garden!

If you want to get more ideas for natural cleaning products, I recommend The Queen of Clean. She has a few books out now that you'll probably like.


Re: Something Good

How funny that you would mention the Queen of Clean. I had just checked out one of her books from the library and am planning on using as a resource here during January! She has some great suggestions.

Growing your own food is such a great way to do Something Good in a lot of ways. Plus, you end up kind of feeling like you're just a clever, clever person! There's nothing quite like making salsa with ingredients you grew yourself!
That is so awesome. I haven't let go of all the other cleansers yet, but as they run out, I'm sure more and more will be replaced by vinegar. So, that's two houses creating less chemical waste. Yea for us! We deserve a pat on the back.

(I'm also really excited that your babies will be growing up surrounded by less chemicals. What a good mommy!)
You are ever so welcome. I love having you here!


I supported individual artists with my Christmas shopping.