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Something Good Group Writing Project (With Prizes)

We’ve just started our one-year anniversary week, and it seems like things are already a lot of fun.  Thanks to those of you who wished us a happy anniversary both here and in your own blogs.  That was so sweet.  It was really neat to log on and discover that we have six new Livejournal members in the last couple of days!  Welcome to you folks; I hope you have fun and feel like adding your two-cents’ worth.


I mentioned wanting to do some special things in the upcoming week to celebrate our anniversary, and I thought it might not be a bad idea to enlist your help in reaching (or re-reaching) the goals I set way back when.  Today I’m starting off by announcing a sort of mini “group writing project.”  You may remember that I’ve written a few posts here over the year as part of group writing projects for ProBlogger and Instigator Blog.  The authors of these blogs would suggest a topic, and then anyone interested would write a post based on that topic and link back to the original author’s blog.  That author then links back to them, and thus “link love” is expanded throughout the web.


I don’t want our Project to just be about our blogs getting links, though.  The aim is for each of us to take the opportunity to do Something Good by sharing great ideas with our friends and readers.  Here’s how it works:


During the course of this week, create at least one post that shares Something Good with your readers.  The main categories we usually focus on are environmental issues, charitable causes, self improvement, saving money, and tips for making things easier in everyday life.  You might want to choose one of these ideas and run with it, or you might come up with something completely different that you think everyone should know.


o       Post links to your favorite non-profit web site and tell everyone why you think it’s such a great organization.

o       Talk about the little things you’ve been able to do to have a more positive impact on the environment.

o       Share your best productivity secret.

o       Offer suggestions for ways to make ourselves and our families a little healthier, wealthier and wise!


Mention in the post that it’s part of the Something Good group writing project, and link back to this blog (if you use tags, “something good” is a great choice).  You’re totally welcome to use the Something Good logo in your post, too.  If you’re on Livejournal, make sure your post isn’t friends-locked.  I’ll keep an eye out for posts that are part of the Project, but go ahead and comment here or drop me an email at lornadoone (at) comcast (dot) net to make sure I’m aware of it.  I’ll put together a list of all the posts so that our readers can hop over to your blogs and check them out. 


 My hope is that you will get the chance to feel the pleasure that I get every day when I am able to share Something Good here in this space. 


Oh, and there will be prizes, too.  If more than three people participate (which I hope is the case), then all of your names will go into a drawing, and the three that get pulled out will win cool prizes.  If you create more than one post, your name will go in for each post, but you will only be eligible to win one prize.  Some details are still being worked out, but the grand prize is a sturdy, hand-embroidered (by me) canvas bag that can be reused over and over for grocery shopping.  The deadline to be considered is midnight (PDT) on Sunday, August 12th.


So, now it’s your turn.  I’ll bet you’ve got Something Good to share with the rest of us!


I put up my Something Good (on switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products) here
Awesome! I'm really taking the baking soda part to heart.
Welcome, welcome! I hope you feel right at home.
My Something Good was about switching to organic, holistic pet foods. :)


Hi, I wanted to submit my whole blog, is that okay ;-))?
Now, seriously, I have written a posting on the non-profit organisation CARE which I will rewrite to incorporate this Something Good contest!
Love your site, and this contest too! A beautiful and creative idea to merely posting a link love list!!
What you're saying on the pleasure you feel each day by sharing something good is something I definitely recognise. Keep up the good work!


Sorry.. forgot to give you my blog link.. (not ussed to this comment form I guess)..
My blog is: Non-profit Communication Blog(http://marcomblog.web-log.nl)



Hi all!