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Avoid Some of the Stress this Year


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Tuesday is often cleaning day around the Brewer house.  You see, Darling Husband Rob works four ten-hour days a week, which means that he has a three-day weekend every weekend.  This is wonderful, as it means that I get to spend more time with my sweetie.  On the other hand, I have a much harder time getting anything done with him underfoot . . . er . . . home.  By the time Tuesday rolls around and he goes back to work, the house is generally pretty trashed.


In addition to the usual mess that follows a weekend, we brought up the holiday decorations and set up the tree on Sunday.  (It looks beautiful, by the way!)  So, there are boxes and pine needles and rearranged furniture to deal with.  It’s a little much for this “nesting” mama to take.  I literally had to stop working today and take an hour to clean the areas that can be seen from my computer desk.  Mmmmm.  I feel so much better now!


So, do you have some cleaning that still needs to be tackled after the long holiday weekend?  Some of my projects were little – like sweeping up crumbs from all of the holiday eating, while others took a little extra help – like taking the big leaf out of the dining room table (also a result of holiday eating, now that I think about it).


With the onset of the winter holidays, I am coming to the realization that if I don’t get on top of this now, it will easily get out of hand.  I have to remember the little things.  Here are a couple of tips:


  • After you wrap a present, immediately put the wrapping paper, ribbons, scissors, etc. away.  It will reduce the clutter and keep you from going crazy the next when you don’t have to try to track everything down after it’s been scattered throughout the house.


  • Consider getting a fake tree if you do the Christmas/Yule thing.  I was dead-set against a fake tree until I inherited a hand-me-down one from my mother in law.  I am now a convert.  It sheds far less than a real tree, there’s no water to spill or tempt the cats, and it is far less likely to burn down my house than a dried-out real tree.  While I don’t love the fact that it’s plastic, I assuage some of my guilt with the fact that this tree has been used 17 times so far . . . reduce, reuse, recycle, right?


  • If you’re going to bake, consider making up several types of cookie dough at once.  You can store it in the fridge for quite a while, so when you decide you need more cookies, you can just pop out a container of pre-made dough and arrange it on a cookie sheet.  It’s better than the preservative-laden kind you buy at the store, and you only end up trashing the kitchen once.


  • Get those cool gift boxes that fit together.  Not only do they take up less space when they’re not being used, but they don’t need to add to the mess of wrapping paper.  We just tie ours tightly with ribbon to be sure no one peeks.  We’ve also been using the same boxes for several years now, so think of all the resources we’ve avoided using.


If any of you have suggestions on how to stay ahead of the mess this holiday season, I am certainly all ears.  (Well, all ears and belly, but that’s another story.)  Please share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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