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We Are Problem Solvers!

My six-year-old Dot thinks I can do anything.  When we don't have something we want, she'll often say "why don't you make a curtain/brownie mix/super-hero cape/nuclear reactor..."  I really reinforce that kind of self-reliance in my kids.  Instead of saying "You're so smart!" when they figure something out (although I do say that sometimes, too), I try to say things like, "I love how you thought about the problem and came up with a way to solve it!"  When we ran into some sort of problem the other day Dot told me we should think of a solution because "that's what Brewers do."  (Freaking awesome, right?)

Remember when I was trying to figure out what to do about getting plane tickets for my mom to come here?  I wasn't sure what to do because putting off the purchase would likely mean that the tickets would cost far more.  It was definitely a conundrum!

But, you know what Brewers do, right?

One of my clients reached out to me and offered to barter me a plane ticket for my services.  To me, that seems really in-line with the no-spending challenge. It took cooperation from my mom, too, as it's a standby ticket and she could end up stuck in some airport; but she was onboard with the idea.

I suspect that as this month goes on, we'll be finding more and more creative ways to solve problems that arise.


Clever. That works, nicely done.

I felt pretty good about it overall. And, since it's a standby ticket, I don't *actually* have to take possession of it until March. So, I'm in the clear as far as the "rules" and also as far as my sense of doing the right thing!